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JS Jobs - Job Portal

We are proud to present the JS Jobs Joomla extension that can benefit your company. JS Jobs for any business, industry body or staffing company wishing to establish a presence on the Internet where jobseekers can come to view the latest jobs. JS Jobs allows you to run your own, unique jobs classifieds service where you or employer can advertise their jobs and jobseekers can upload their Resumes. JS Jobs is designed to be flexible, amalgamate seamlessly with your existing website.

JS Autoz - Online Vehicle Showroom

Are you looking to increase your car dealership's online presence and attract new customers? Buyers are shopping online first before making a purchasing decision. In today's competitive marketplace a website is a key extension for any business, and it is especially critical to the success of a car dealership. JS Autoz will become your online showroom of your vehicle inventory that is easily maintainable from any web browser via the admin interface with no coding required and provide potential customers with their first look at your inventory.

JS Ticket

Let’s be honest: Users got issues. So it’s a good thing they’ve also got you! JS Ticket free extension allows you to easily manage your daily projects and user requests. JS Tickets builds on this definition of help desk software by creating a powerful ticket-management platform that allows you to centralize all your customer conversations. You can quickly and easily increase productivity by automating business rules via triggers and automatons.

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Buruj Solutions aligns itself with modern and advanced concepts in IT industry to help its customers by providing value added software. We performs thorough research on each given problem and advises.

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